An art-science ACE project to explore the common allergy hay fever, highlighting pollen's beauty and malevolence. please follow @thesneezeproject   Pollen: friend or foe? Friend: Pollen is an exceedingly good friend to humans.  Pollen is vital for plant reproduction...

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Essington Windmill

  Essington Windmill;  an artist’s perspective.                                                    ...........‘a sense of place uniting local history with drawing, film and photography’     As I drove past Windmill Farm in Essington I caught a glimpse of the splendid,...

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Stations of the Cross

  ‘Stations of the Cross’; art works by Susan Lily Brisco ‘It has been on my heart for some time to engage with Jesus’s journey to the cross from a creative viewpoint.  As I immersed myself in the scriptures and narratives, I feel that I too have taken a spiritual...

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