The ancient green pigment, chlorophyll  is nature’s symbol of life. It has been in existence, here on earth  for three billion years and is responsible for the  beautiful living green palette we see all around us.

Its hard to  achieve a real ‘plant-green’ when making botanical inks. I have made  a range of hues from yellowy greens, to earthy greens. The closest I’ve come to a real plant green is from nettle leaves that are dark and mature.

Light micrograph showing a section through a leaf.  (

The wavelength of this living colour green  stimulates our parasympathetic nerves which in turn helps to calm us, reduce our levels of anxiety and instil  a sense of wellbeing.

The living molecule chlorophyll is intriguing,  and  vital for the development of life on earth. Plants cant do without it and we cant do without plants!