Plants in Bloom: A reading list mapping the geographies of kinship in researching, making and understanding Plants as Ink, their unique patterns and blooms. . .

Reference Readings in a timeline


BSBI Code of Conduct 2017 (

The Code sets out best practice in the field and provides the latest guidance about which plants you can and cannot pick even with landowner permission (including all plants on prohibited lists such as Schedule 8) and introduces the rile of 1 in 20

Logan, Jason, Making Ink: A Forager’s Guide to Natural Inkmaking (Abrams, 2018).

Behan, Babs, Botanical Inks: Plants-to-Print Dyes. Published by Quadrille Publishing Ltd, 2018

Mairet, Ethel M, A Book on Vegetable Dyes (1916) Published by Douglas Pepler at the Hampshre House Workshops, Hammersmith W.


Mabey, Richard, Flora Britannica; The Definitive Guide to Wild Flowers, Plants and Trees (Chatto and Windus, 1996)

Bird, Julia and Molesworth, Melanie, Seaweed: Foraging, Collecting, Pressing (Harper Collins Publishers, 2023).

Desnos, Rebecca, Grow Your Own Colour (Publisher Rebecca Desnos,2020,

Shenghui Wang and David E. Rydeheard.  Modelling flower colour: Several experiments. School of Computer science, University of Manchester


Etsuro Ito, Rei Shima, Tohru Yoshioka. A novel role of Oxytocin: Oxyocin-induced well-being in humans. Biophysics and Physicobiology, Vol.16, pp.132-139 (2019)

Linda P.J. Lipsen, Pressed Plants: making a herbarium. (Published by Royal British Columbia Museum, 2023)


Earth Palettes

Gooding, Mel, Herman de Vries: Chance and Change (Thames and Hudson, 2006).

Besant, Annie and Leadbeater, Charles, W, Thought Forms : A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation (Sacred Bones, 2020).

Miller, Garry Fabian, Three Acres of Colour, details on Instagram @garryfabianmiller .

Godeau, Anne-Sylvie, Lutea Couleurs Végetalis (Lutea, ).

Poetry of Colour

Clark,Thomas A, The Threadbare Coat (Carcanet Press, 2020)

A publication containing poems evoking colour in nature, such as‘Green and Yellow’.

Contemporary Artists working in this field

Elizabeth Rose Langford

Garry Fabian Miller


Herman de Vries

Nan Qi


Ruth Asawa: Works on Paper: Drawings