Virtual Drawing: A review from the perspective of a Fine Artist.
A trip into your drawing;
Susan Lily Brisco (MA Fine Art, BA Fine Art)

With thanks to LearnPlay Foundation, The Boot Factory, Wolverhampton and Fab Lab Sandwell’ Central Sixth, West Bromwich, West Midlands for time spent demonstrating and facilitating the use of their equipment. Equipment courtesy of 3dnative and Fab Lab Sandwell. Equipment: HTC Vive Software Tilt brush. Project initiated by UrbanHax with funding from Creative Black Country.

As a Fine artist, I was given the opportunity to explore drawing in virtual reality for the very first time. This prospect certainly intrigued me as drawing is embedded into my artistic practice and here follows a reflective account of my encounter inside the virtual world. For me, virtual reality was unfamiliar territory and I paid little attention to its possibilities therefore my starting point was practically zero.
In this paper, I aim to reveal my thoughts and considerations of what virtual drawing may entail. The paper splits into two themes, firstly a primary visceral account of my initial experiences using the HCT Vive equipment; and secondly a reflective examination of how this experience has altered my thinking as a fine artist. The following issues were considered. The issue of flatness and depth and how depth could be drawn in a virtual space, as opposed to creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface? How would the drawing plane be determined when there would be so many? Issues of the drawing process were considered in terms of mark making and construction and these were compared to those employed in two-dimensional drawing. Also, how would I view the work from a distance to evaluate composition and plan for refinements? Finally, issues of display and gallery/viewer interaction were considered. How would virtual drawings be displayed to good effect? Could this challenge the traditional gallery space and how could this new form of viewing be managed? Would disorienting motion sickness develop and become menacing? Each issue will be examined and discussed further. It seems that the boundaries of drawing and display are clearly being challenged and expanded into a liquid realm of sculpture and space.

VIRTUAL DRAWING Paper _A trip inside your drawing_Susan Brisco_pdf  (Please follow the link for full document.)

Virtual Drawing: A review from the perspective of a Fine Artist. A trip into your drawing;