Making & Understanding the Colour of Plants and their Impact focusses on my journey making and using botanical inks from plants which touches on the fields of neuroscience and chemistry through an artistic perspective using film, drawing and sound. I was honoured to be selected by the Arts Council England to receive ‘Develop your Creative Practice’ funding for this exciting project.

Researching and experimenting with botanical ink-making takes you into a fascinating world of alchemy, archival recipes and new ways of engaging with nature. Chemistry evolves through an art/science-eco investigation into plants and their colour. I wanted to make a more natural pallet of my own through an experiential, exploration approach using  common plants, trees, and wildflowers.


The value of discovery, and sustainable foraging of plants from our local green spaces, instils a sense of well-being and anticipation; what colour ink will this plant yield?

Mugwort and Burnet Rose hip

A natural palette of soft  muted tones materialises,  extracted from common plants, trees, wildflowers and berries to share and inspire a sense of place and connection to our local landscapes. The Fibonacci spiral arrangement alludes to the repeating growth pattern evident throughout nature’s micro / macro worlds.


Film: Rhapsody with Nature